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Our product brands are JokaSafe gloves and mittens and TopGrip non-slip surface.

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Oil and gas industry
Mining industry
Transport and warehouse industry
Winter & Arctic use
  • JokaNordic
    JokaXo glove with a detachable artificial fur lining
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  • JokaPolar
    Warm finger glove for cold conditions. Ensures firm grip even in wet conditions.
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  • JokaTop
    A roomy and flexible mitten with a comfortable and warm cotton lining.
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  • JokaHold
    A flexible and light all-purpose glove that provides an excellent grip for high precision work.
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  • JokaXrp
    A glove suitable for handling coarse, sharp or abrasive objects.
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  • JokaOiler 35 SP
    Flexible finger glove with long sleeve and a thin cotton lining.
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  • JokaStark
    Additional coarse grip surface on the palm and fingers guarantee a firm grip.
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  • JokaOiler 45
    A long finger glove that provides efficient splash protection for the arms.
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  • JokaXo
    A flexible all-purpose glove that is oil and chemical resistant.
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  • JokaXo 35
    JokaXo glove with a fixed 35 cm sleeve.
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  • JokaHold Strong
    A JokaHold glove with strenghtening between the first finger and thumb.
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  • JokaHold 35
    JokaHold glove with a fixed 35 cm sleeve.
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  • JokaOiler Strong
    JokaOiler Strong is a mitten with a full strenghtening on a palm.
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  • JokaTherm
    An extra warm and roomy mitten for cold conditions.
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  • JokaTherm R101
    An extra warm and roomy mitten for cold conditions.
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  • JokaArctic
    JokaArctic is a flexible and durable mitten designed for work with oil and chemicals.
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Each pair of JokaSafe wintergloves has been crafted for long-lasting pleasure.,

Even though they are ugly – your hands are warm inside.

“Just like Oil Men gloves need to be”

Power Oil supplies Neste fuels safely and reliably to companies, farms and private customers in Ostrobothnia and Central Finland. The key to success is fast right-on-time deliveries with skilled personnel and modern trucks.

Power Oil’s Truck drivers use JokaOiler35SP-gloves and JokaOiler-mittens for oil transportation: Handy, good to work, easy to drop and easy to put back again.

Jari Välikangas
Managing Director
Power Oil Jari Välikangas Oy

”Keeps hands dry and warm!”

Lauri Mäkinen, trolling fisherman

There was several boats trolling fishing between Sweden and Bornholm.

We were fishing with several boats between Sweden and Bornholm in the cold spring weather,Gloves kept our hands dry and warm and the gloves were perfect for everyone in the boat itself. Gloves gave a great hold to the fish with the grippy surface.

When I was reel in the salmon, then I took the glove off to get better feeling to the fish, but altogether those were a really warm glove. I got a super good grip also to the scoop and lifting hook.

``More durable than competing products``

Hannu Kangas, Hilamet Oy

Hilamet Oy is heat treatment service provider in Finland. Hilamet specializes in induction hardening, case hardening and nitration, as well as for annealing and scouring.

We use the JokaOiler 35SP glove for example in the Induction hardening process. They are more durable than competing products and for a dry steel piece gloves give a brilliant grip and for a wet piece the grip is at least as good as competing products have.

CASE: Sakhalin Machinery
“Good grip with parts, very warm for winter.”

Sakhalin Machinery, Authorized Caterpillar dealer in Sakhalin Region from 2002

Anton Dubina is working with Caterpillar machines

CASE: Haki, Hungary
“The glove has great grip to hold the net and fish, too.”
HAKI, Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Szarvas, Hungary

In photos employee Péter is making test fishing to check the size and health condition of fish in HAKI at Szarvas. Peter “The glove has great grip to hold the net and fish, too.

“All men must have Jokasafe”
Hydrostroij, Fishing and building department

Sakhalin Area. Russia

Ivan Yarygin-Jackhammer operator is wearing JokaSafe gloves while doing demolition work for property




Karoliina Sulkakoski  JOKAMUOVI OY



Jokamuovi is a Finnish family company that has more than half a century’s manufacturing experience of high-quality work safety products.

All products have been designed for demanding professional use in close co-operation with our customers to achieve that best grip for your work.


We want the future to be safer, so we always think the long-term effects of our decisions regarding the quality of our products, our customers and our employees.

In our production, we are using high quality European PVC material and 100% cotton.

Our customers value specially that our products combine protection from chemicals, chemical mixtures and mechanical abrasion, as well as protect from extreme conditions.


We want to make your everyday life and work safer throughout the world. We appreciate our customers, our own and our customers’ employees and our common global environment.